January 23, 2012

Filthy Review - House Call

House Call (2011)

Review by Jude Felton

It’s always a happy day for me when I get to check out a new short movie. So often these potential gems fly under the radar of many genre fans, which is a real shame as there are so many excellent examples out there. The latest to hit my screen is House Call from Chicago based director Erik L. Wilson. Truth be known I was aware of its existence, and it was on my list of shorts to try and check out. So, I was a happy chap when I did get the chance to watch it.

The story, if a little familiar in theme, is delightfully dark and original in its execution and plays out at a fair clip (House Call is around 14 minutes excluding credits). Janice is eager to move forward with her life and her new boyfriend, Steve. Unfortunately there is the small obstacle of her present partner, an obstacle she plans to remove and will go to any length to achieve.
The main meat and gravy of the movie takes place exactly one year later when strange things start to happen in and around Janice’ house.

House Call starts off at a moderate pace and only proceeds to slowly put its foot on the gas as it progresses. It manages to do this without losing any tension, of which there is plenty, or at the expense of the story itself. Instead the tension intensifies and the atmosphere is just terrific.

Shot with a RED ONE camera, the movie looks very good and the special effects, especially the practical effects, look very good. There was only the odd moment when I was drawn to some computerized-looking effects, but these were exterior shots that didn’t really have any bearing on the main story. The effects that did play into the main story were for the most part very good

House Call to me though didn’t strike me as a movie that needs effects in order to get across its creepy tale. Of course, they help, but it was the story itself that had me in its grip. Helped by solid performances from the small cast and an atmospheric score, House Call is a fine short movie.

Visceral imagery and an eerie atmosphere combine superbly to create an excellent short movie. If you get the opportunity I recommend you check this movie out.

House Call is presently being submitted to film festivals and you can find out more about the film at its Official Facebook Page.

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