May 10, 2011

Coming Soon: One Way Trip 3D - Horror From Switzerland

Coming from the HesseGreutert Film Ag Studio out of Switzerland and directed by Marcus Welter is One Way Trip 3D. Billed as Switzerland's first 3D and Horror film it is set for distribution through Lightning Entertainment. 


Eight teenagers decide to take a camping vacation to the Swiss hill country. It's autumn and high season for a powerful, rare magic mushroom that grows there - the main motivation for their trip. They arrive at a secluded location deep in the woods, the mushrooms are collected, and once darkness falls, the party starts.

Everyone is having fun until one of the friends heads to grab a beer...and doesn't come back. His buddies find him facedown in a puddle with his head smashed in. They don't know what happened but need to find help, and fast. As they discover that their car has a flat tire and their phones don't work, they seek shelter in a nearby farmhouse. But the farmhouse turns out to be the last place they want to be... 

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