October 31, 2011

Wintery flicks to chill your bones

Ok, I know it's only Halloween but the recent snow has got me back in the mood for some winter-themed flicks. This is just a selection of personal favorites of mine, but I think all are worth checking out if you haven't done so already. Oh, and before you say anything I have not included The Thing because that goes without saying that it should be watched! Also, aside from one movie I have avoided Christmas or Santa flicks.


My favorite Adam Green flick so far. A surprisingly effective flick that takes place almost entirely in one location. Click here for my review.

Dead Snow (Dod Sno)

Nazi's, zombies and snow. What more could you ask for? Starts off fairly predictably then goes batshit!


I really enjoyed this overlooked thriller from director Brad Anderson. Good solid cast in this one.

Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt)

A good solid slasher flick from Norway. Doesn't really do anything new with the genre but it is well made and offers up some good murderous action. Click here for my review.

Cold Prey 2 (Fritt Vilt 2)

Definitely a superior sequel, in fact probably better than the original movie. At times reminiscent of Halloween 2, due in part to its locale, but a nice addition to the franchise nonetheless. There is a Fritt Vilt 3 (Cold Prey 3), although I have yet to see it.

Wind Chill

Overlooked on its release this is well worth checking out. Check out my review here.

30 Days of Night

Based on the graphic novel of the same name. This didn't blow me away when I first watched it, although it has since grown on me a lot. Good vamp action from the director of Hard Candy.. Spawned a sequel, which follows the graphic novels.

Rare Exports

I can't say enough good about this movie. It recently hit DVD and Blu-ray and really should be checked out. Link to my review is here.

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Anonymous said...

You listed three of my fav. Frozen is amazing, Cold Prey is underrated and awesome, Windchill is sadly mistreated snd underrated, loved it.