October 2, 2011

Filthy Review - Red

Red (2011)

Review by Jude Felton

Director Maude Michaud was not a name I was familiar before viewing this short movie. I do believe however that we will be hearing more from this Canadian filmmaker, especially if Red is anything to go by. If you know me you will know by now that I am fan of the short movie, so it is always a pleasure to view new and exciting entries to this format.

The movie itself focuses on Dan and his hobby of seducing the tenants that rent out his spare room, and then murdering them. That’s right, our man is a snuff fanatic who likes nothing more than to sit back with a smoke and admire his work. Dan’s not some knuckle-dragging mess of a man though, he’s just your everyday kind of fellow with a very disturbing pastime.

Whilst watching the film of his latest conquest a new prospective tenant turns up at his front door, and this is when things change for Dan.

Red is an assured piece of filmmaking and, whilst I did work out exactly what was going to happen, kept me enthralled through to its conclusion. This was due in the most part to a slick script that turned the gender roles on their head in a subtly manipulative manner. We, the viewers, know exactly what is going on and even when Dan thinks he is in charge we know he isn’t.

With this in mind it is here that I would find the only real negative point about Red, and that is the sense of knowing what is going to happen. On the flipside though, with the main theme of the film being voyeurism, you could also add that the film brings the viewer in as an accomplice. Whatever director Michaud’s motive are you can safely say that this is an impressive outing that I recommend checking out. 

Solid performances from the leads, a cameo from Viscera Film Festival Co-Director Shannon Lark and an obviously love and appreciation for cinema all combine to make this a film well worth watching.

For more information about Red and Maude Michaud's work check out Quirk Films Official Site

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