September 20, 2011

The Stool Pigeon - Blu-ray/DVD Artwork

Due for release thorugh Well Go USA on September 27th is The Stool Pigeon from director Dante Lam. I will have a review up for it a couple of days before that date. In the meantime you can check out the accompanying cover art, synopsis and bonus features.

Don Lee (Nick Cheung) is a police detective in Kowloon whose reliance on informants leaves him struggling with a guilty conscience. Lee’s previous stool pigeon had his cover blown and it left him paranoid and driven from his wife and home. Although he is beginning to doubt his own methods, Lee recruits a street racer named Ghost (Nicholas Tse) as his latest stool pigeon and assigns him to infiltrate a gang led by the notorious armed robber Barbarian (Lu Yi). Ghost accepts Lee’s offer so he can rescue his sister from a life of prostitution, as well as help his father’s one-million dollar debt. Ghost joins an illegal street race to gain acceptance into Barbarian’s gang. Lee also has personal problems of his own, as wife Cher (Miao Pu) whom he is separated from tried to commit suicide a few months previously and has since had amnesia. Lee begins to realize how wrong he was to exploit his informants and desperately tries to right his wrong before Ghost is in serious trouble.

Bonus Features Include:
§  Director and Actor Interviews
§  Behind the Scenes Featurette
§  Deleted Scenes
§  Photo Gallery
§  Optional English Dub

The Stool Pigeon has a runtime of approximately 113 minutes and is not rated.

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