August 21, 2011

Coming Soon - The Man In The Maze

From debut director Mitesh Kumar Patel comes The Man in the Maze. It's set for a September 2nd release in India, which is Patel's place of birth, with a US release following in October. Kids in the woods, Indian burials grounds and curse abound in this one, so let's hope it can lift itself up above the usual run-of-the-mill predictability that can so often hamper horror flicks.

"The Man in the Maze" centers around four college students on a field trip to learn more about the American Indian Trail of Tears. While traipsing through the woods, however, they stumble upon an Indian burial mound that marks the burial site of a Native American family that died on the trail. The mound was cursed by a distraught family member, and whoever disturbs it unleashes trouble and winds up lost in a maze, terrorized by an unknown force.

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