August 2, 2011

Coming Soon - The Dead

The eagerly awaited zombie opus The Dead, directed by Howard J Ford and Jonathon Ford, is set for a theatrical release later this year. Distributed by Global Cinema Distribution, The Dead is currently set to open in 14 cities across the U.S. with more to be added. Filmed on location in Africa, The Dead certainly looks to breath some life (or undead) into the genre. I'm planning on getting along to see this on the big screen, but should have a review up here before that as well. Head on over to the movie's Facebook page, linked below, for a chance to win a trip to The Dead's premiere in Los Angeles.

In the very near future, most of the world has succumbed to the virus of the living dead. After crashing off the coast of Africa, Lt. Brian Murphy battles for survival across the terrible terrain of Africa in search of a way to get back to his beloved family in the USA. Saved by local military man Daniel Dembele, who is also searching for his son, both men join forces, all the while battling against the ever-present threat of the living dead.

Los Angeles
Orange County, CA
San Francisco
San Jose

Jersey City
West Nyack, NY
Arlington, VA
San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA


Johnny p said...

Heard nothing but good things about this .Set in Africa the true home of the zombie. looks brutal . cant wait ,The zombies look freakin scary as well

Lord of Filth said...

Me either Johnny, it looks like it could be something special. There's a two piece article on it in Fango which is making for a good read.

Mac Campbell said...

This will be the test: will a zombie movie do well in conventional theatre? They never have before. They were always something I had to seek out, unless it was a Romero flick.

Anonymous said...

The DEAD will not disappoint. Ive seen it. Magnificent. The zombie movie has come of age.

drunkenstein said...

28 days later and 30 of night did amazing in theaters... and this one looks a million times better, it looks SICK!!!

Lord of Filth said...

I received my copy today, so there will be a review very soon.