July 19, 2011

Filthy Book Review - The Wake

The Wake (2010) by  James Newman

Sideshow Press

Review by Jude Felton

James Newman is fast becoming an author to keep your eyes on. I have yet to read a story from him that I haven’t been totally engrossed in, and Midnight Rain (available on Amazon) is one of my favorite novels. His canny way with words help make you feel a part of the story and it is never too long before you will find yourself hooked.

The Wake is a short chapbook, 18 pages or so, that gets in, does its damage and then quietly walks away with a big grin on its face. Within those few pages I felt as though I was at the titular wake alongside the narrator, who is at the wake of his Grandfather. Within those first few pages I almost forgot that I was reading a story which I knew would have a dark side to it. There’s an almost gentle flow to the words that cleverly draw you in before giving you the short sharp shock.

If you haven’t read any of Newman’s work then this could be a quick place to start, if you can manage to find a copy.

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