June 10, 2011

This Month's Reading Material

Despite the obscene amount of information out there in Interwebland I still like nothing more than sitting my ass down with a print magazine. Truth be known I fucking detest reading off a screen, the Net is great for sourcing info and what have you, I just find reading a magazine to be more satisfying.

With that being said here's what is on my shelf, or printer as the case may be, right now.

I was actually hoping to pick up UK mag Total Tattoo, but Borders didn't have it. I'm not a great fan of US tattoo magazines, Skin and Ink being the only one that I do like. Plenty of good things in the August issue, and let's face it that cover is great!

The one magazine that I have a subscription to, even though there seems to be some ongoing problem with getting them out at a reasonable time. Regardless, Fangoria is kicking ass right now and issue 304 is no exception. Highlights for me this month are articles on Wichfinder General, Kidnapped and Joe Mckinney, although that would be doing a disservice to all of the other top-notch articles. Another winner for sure.

Hailing from the country of my birth, Shock Horror is great for checking out the horror scene from a UK perspective. Still a new magazine, this is issue 4, and to me still finding its feet somewhat, this still has some damned good stuff in it. Highlights being pieces on Peter Cushing and the redux of I Spit On Your Grave.

A magazine that really is new, Mad Monster is currently on its first issue and is proving to be a fun read. Articles on Christine and Videodrome being definite high points for me.

I do like to pick up a copy of Horrorhound once in awhile. The May/June issue being one I did grab, and it's got some good stuff in it. The article on 1981 is great and I did enjoy the piece on Arrow Video. Someone I do have a lot of time for is Jon Kitley, and his piece on Great White and Blood Beach is well worth checking out.

Finally we have the mighty Ultra Violent. If you can't find something in here to enjoy you must be on crack, or have no real interest in horror or exploitation movies. Extensive interviews with Geretta Geretta and Lynn Lowry are just two of the cracking reads in issue 11.

So yeah, there you have it. These pretty much cover all my bases when it comes to what I am looking forward to in a magazine. No Rue Morgue on there for me. It's a cool enough magazine and I do occasionally read it, although I am still pissed off with a lazy and offensive review I read a while back. I can't even remember the film being reviewed but I can assure you that ridiculing your readers, even if it is a small group within that readership, is never a clever idea.

Right, I think I might make a trip and see if Borders don't have that Total Tattoo I was looking for....

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