June 4, 2011

Day of the Dead (1985) - Review

With Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead you could have pretty much attributed the films to any director. Although I enjoy both to a certain degree I really do not feel any passion towards them, they both seem a million miles away from what came before. I fail to mention Survival of the Dead purely because I haven’t seen it, and don’t suppose I will any time soon. George A Romero, once upon a time, made truly excellent Dead, or undead if you like, movies.
As a wee youngster I was introduced to the Dead trilogy, as it once was, first through Night of the Living Dead, which was shown on television, and then Day of the Dead which I rented on VHS. Dawn came later due to it be a bitch to find in the UK during the 80’s. Out of the three though Day definitely had the biggest impact on me at the time, this was due mainly to the copious amounts of gore on display. Of course I have found more to enjoy about it over the years, and decided to give it another airing just recently.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome write up I to aggree Land and Diary are forgettable and have no real mark that Romero use to have and dont get me started on Survival oh god it was painful the only movie I ever walked out of. Night Dawn and Day will always be a true treat and honor in the horror world.

gorecorpsegrinder.blogspot said...

Great post,I have to say I loved day and dawn tho diary was somewhat forgetable to me after hearing Romeros plans for survival I new what to expect so after a watch I decided it was ok nothing to go crazy over but if someone else would of made the film folks would of liked it abit more due to the fact it was not a Romero film.Although Romero said in a interview that this was his film not for anyone else this was something he wanted todo so kudos to him for doing it.