March 25, 2011

From the Vaults - Zombie Ciao Down

First published in 2002, Eaten Alive: Italian Cannibal and Zombie Movies by Jay Slater is the definitive book for those that love the mixed bag of tricks that was the Italian cannibal and zombie sub-genre. The genre peaked in the late 70's to early 80's but actually spanned the 30 years, and this book covers them all. From 1964's War of the Zombies, from director Giuseppe Vari, through to Michelle Soavi's 1994 flick Delamorte Dellamore (aka Cemetery Man) this book covers them all. The information contained within is pretty damned useful too, for example covering all the alternate titles for the movies as we all know they loved to give each movie around about 1700 different titles depending on where it was released etc.

Eaten Alive really is a love letter to an often maligned breed of film and this is a book I quite often pick up to thumb through. It really is quite staggering how many of the films I have still yet to see, and I have seen a good chunk of them.  Featuring contributions from folk such as Nacho Cerda, Jim Van Bebber and Brian Yuzna amongst many others plus interviews with the likes of Jorge Grau and Catriona MacColl and a tons of cool photos and posters this book comes highly recommended by my good self.

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