August 14, 2008

Dead Fury (2008)

In 2006 the one man movie making machine that is FSudol gave us City of Rott, which was a animated tale of a cranky old bastard searching for his shoes in a city that is overrun with zombie. It was a gore drenched spectacle, laced with great humour. Unfortunately there were issues with the pacing which let it down slightly.

Now he is back with Dead Fury, which once again features Pop although not in the lead role, in another animated tale that follows a group of hunters that do battle with some possessed zombie-esque creature in the great outdoors. This time around we get a leaner, meaner movie that still keeps the gore quota sky high, the humour coming thick and fast yet keep the plot tighter and a lot more focused.

Max, Pop, Jen and Jake are off on an illicit hunting trip. Unbeknownst to them a hiker has stumbled across some sort of ancient book, which upon reading a couple of lines from it transforms him into some sort of demon. Initially Pop thinks he's a deer, yeah right, but soon realise he is not and proceed to shoot the proverbially shit out of him. In the melee Jake gets wounded and so they seek refuge in a nearby cabin. Now, if this sounds a little Evil Dead-like you would be right, as this movie openly admits that it is a parody with an homage to many horror flicks of the past, and it's all done in such a way that you can't but help enjoy it.

I did have a couple of issues with the movie though. My main one being the voice of Jen, who really does sound like a possessed chipmunk which I found a little distracting. The other gripe was the repetetion of some of the insults hurled around by the characters. Initially very funny, but ultimately overused. Nonetheless, there is plenty to keep you amused and engrossed throughout its running time, and I for one have already watched it several times.

Virtually everything to do with the movie was carried out by FSudol, and I do mean everything just read through the bloody credits! I really must praise him for bringing such a colourful and energetic movie to the screen. I will say that the animation style may not be to everyone's taste, I thought though that it has its own unique charm, and when the blood and guts start flowing, of which they do quite frequently, you can't help but get swept up in the hilarity of the moment.

Dead Fury isn't without it faults, as i have mentioned, but look past them and you will find an incredibly entertaining, gore and humour filled slice of B-movie fun!

Rating 3 Stars

Review by Jude Felton

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