May 20, 2008

Evil Aliens (2005)

Horror comedy is a tough nut to crack, but when it works well it can be a joy to behold. So, although I had been wanting to catch Evil Aliens for a while, it was with a slight sense of apprehension. I really needn't have worried though, as it was a blast!

Michelle Fox works for a dodgy TV show that features all kinds of weird and wonderful stories, most of which are utter crap. However, upon receiving information about an alledged alien impregnation and abduction case on a small island off the coast of Wales she, along with her film crew, alien expert and "cast", head off in hopes of getting a good story.

Of course, it isn't too long after arriving that they find out the story is indeed true, and there is in fact aliens running around the Welsh countryside carving up cattle, performing anal probes and other such nefarious deeds. So, the battle is on to avoid becoming victims of the aliens whilst still managing to make their program. Joining the film crew are a group of very stereotypical, but not to mention hilarious, locals as the splatter commences.

Evil Aliens has to be one of the funniest and bloodiest movies I have seen in quite some time. It is literally coated with blood, slime and shit, all combined with some very amusing humour, some of which may be lost on some people that aren't familiar with some English nuances. Nonetheless the majority of it will go down just fine.

Unfortunately there are some poor CGI blood effects on occasion, but these are interspersed with good old fashioned "real" blood caking most of the cast. There's plenty of dismemberment and general carnage to keep the gorehounds more than happy throughout the movie; my favourite being a fantastic scene involving a combine harvester accompanied by the Wurzel's I've Got A Brand New Combine Harvester. It had me in hysterics.

Watching Evil Aliens I did see similarities with movies such as Bad Taste, Dead Alive and so on, as well as having plenty of tipped hats to other movies. This however did not detract from Evil Aliens as a movie in its own right, you'll notice them but in all likelihood you will just be swept along in the good humour of it all.

Evil Aliens is splatterific, splat-tastic and very funny. It also pisses on a lot of more high profile recent horror releases in just about every department! It's full of eccentric characters, over-the-top gross-out moments and tons of energy. Oh, and did I mention it is very bloody?

Hunt this bugger down, grab some mates and have a good laugh!

Rating 3.5(out of 4)

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